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Why do you need a VPN?

Strong traffic encryption
Peace of Mind – Your messages, billing information, and online activity are protected. Time-tested AES-256 encryption ensures your online safety in any network.
Anonymous Internet surfing
SecretVPN is completely anonymous and safe surfing the Internet, as well as a reliable way to change your IP address and location. You are no longer transparent to telecom operators, ad networks, and other organizations monitoring your online activity and collecting your data.
Bypass site blocking
Forget about restrictions on the Internet! With our VPN service, it is easy to bypass the blocking of any sites and remove restrictions on access to content that is not available in your region.

12 reasons to choose SECRETVPN

Complete absence of log files
We do not track users, collect information about network activity, and do not store client’s IP addresses.
Affordable subscription price
Thanks to free technology and the open source OpenVPN application, we offer a service with competitive prices, large number of servers and fast speed.
Unlimited traffic and speed
Use a VPN 24/7. We do our best to maximize the connection speed.
Hundreds of servers and IP addresses
Change the network address at any time or always use a permanent IP. You will always find a suitable server in 6 different regions of the world.
Open-source software
OpenVPN and SoftEther are two of the brightest and most time-tested open-source VPN solutions. Reliable, no third-party clients or ads.
Unique VPN Type - SSTP
Ideal for Windows and requires no additional client installation. It is the most discreet VPN suitable for bypassing complex blockages.
6 simultaneous VPN-connections
One subscription is enough for all your devices. Connect from a computer, smartphone, and tablet. Share VPN with colleagues, partners, and friends.
30 days money back guarantee
We are confident in the quality of our services and are ready to refund the full cost of the subscription if our service did not suit you.
Pause VPN subscription
Pay only when you use it! Suspension and renewal of a subscription for an unlimited period.
Setup assistance
Professional support is available around the clock. Please contact our specialists in the website client area, by e-mail or telegram.
Supporting the values of an open internet
We help develop OpenVPN, donate some of the proceeds to the Electronic Frontier Fund (EFF), and support one of the largest Tor nodes.
We accept 100+ cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and other digital assets.
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For 4 years we have increased our capacity 8 times and now we offer 200+ servers in 6 major regions of the world

North America
USA - 8 servers
Canada - 5 servers
Central Europe
Germany - 05 servers
France - 5 servers
Netherlands - 17 servers
Eastern Europe
Ukraine - 2 servers
Poland - 5 servers
Russia - 18 servers
Northern Europe
United Kingdom - 6 servers
Singapore - 6 servers
Australia and Oceania
Australia - 6 servers

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30 days money back guarantee

reviews of secretvpn

Find out what users say about us
A VPN service which is definitely worth buying. There was never advertising or spam, support is always in touch, affordable rates. Special thanks for the connection quality and speed.
For now, I am using secretvpn, have not met any issues with them yet, quite stably, large selection of IP-addresses, pitifully limited the free plan.
In general, the impression is good! I would recommend this service. I bet 5 out of 5, might be 5 with minus as there were some issues with installation and configuration, though nothing serious.